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Joel Robinson ([personal profile] joel_sol) wrote2005-10-23 02:36 pm

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"Hi, this is Joel. Um, I guess you're supposed to leave me a message on this thing. If I don't respond, assume one of the bots ate it."


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*muffled giggling*

" your refrigerator running? Then you better go CATCH IT!!! Oh man, I got you so bad."

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Dude, Crow, you forgot to ask for Prince Albert in a can! I'm never letting you prank call again, you skeeze.

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"Are you kidding me? This town is full of unknowing answering machines, just waiting for us to taint them with our pranks. We can't go shooting our load on one machine. Especially Joel's."

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When you're right, you're right. And you are so right here, buddy.

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[[ooc: Okay, assuming your in on the whole Joel and the Bots buying out the movie theater idea, Mark is going to be putting up a post tommorow, where we're all supposed to come in and take over, after begging to buy the place off of him. That's the plan.]]

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Alright, I decided to be pro-active and do some work, but only this one time. Bow down before my greatness.

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Hey, Joel? Apparently there's some sort of Town Meeting ( tonight.

Crow and I got together, drew straws, and decided you should be the one to go anyways. We'll be at the theater, and you can enjoy the wonders of small town gatherings. Have fun, you lovable jumpsuited minx, you!

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"Hey, Joel, this is Ivanova. Sorry to turn tail and run, but an old friend of the family is coming to town to set up shop and I'm going to work for him. Well, less "work for" and more "babysit his lying, cheating ass". I appreciate getting the job and sorry if this leaves you a bit shorthanded. Thanks, bye."